Google Rants

Feb 9, 2024:
A long while ago (last Christmas) I was gifted a phone. I was okay with my previous phone, but whatever, it's a new phone! (Nathan Lineback would be disappointed). I thought it would be like every other phone, WRONG! Apparently, damn near EVERYTHING on that phone is integrated to Google somehow. The gallery is Google! No joke, instead of a regular gallery, it's "Google Photos". If you sign in to a Google account on anything else, it'll automatically integrate the photos in your "gallery" to your Google account.

Beyond that, you can't delete some of the Google applications at all! I tried to delete YouTube, since I was switching to YouTube Revanced, but the most I could do was "disable" it. Fuck off Google! You damn wankers!


Last Updated: February 9, 2024
Page Created: February 9, 2024