Links To Sites I Think Are Cool & Interesting:

Note: Just because a site is on here doesn't mean I fully agree with its contents

The Spyware Watchdogs site, an interesting look into how modern apps and sites are basically spyware

Toasty Tech, an interesting site run since the 90's. Gave me the inspiration for Google Is Evil!!!

The Internet Archives

Crackworth's wouldn't exist without them!

GOOD Html design

A site about US and Canadian ghost towns

Dedicated to archiving information about the event, it's been around since the day after it occured

A strange site, move your mouse and find out why... (WARNING: Flashing Images)

Because Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People!

The Worst Jokes Ever

Drive him insane!

A funny page from the past. It has sadly been inactive since the early 2000's

Bert is EVIL!

A really awful looking site

Anti Sailor Moon, THE PAGE!

"What? Were you expecting "social" networking links to Twatter and FaceFook?" ~ToastyTech


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