Modern Memes Are Pretty Dumb

Modern internet memes are dumb, seriously dumb.

I understand that internet memes are, by nature, dumb, but something about the new ones nowadays seem to be exceptionally dumb. Somehow, it feels like every new meme manages to hit new lows I never thought possible. Every time a new one pops up, I think to myself "This is it, the quality can't get any lower" and by the next week, another one comes up that proves me wrong. The new memes today are low effort brainrot. I know the MLGs from 2015 or those rage comics from 2010 aren't exactly high quality comedy either, but at least you needed some level of creativity to make a rage comic or MLG. Nowadays, just slapping some stupid text and obnoxiously loud moans over a picture of a cat sticking its tongue out is somehow comedy gold.

If you think this is funny, you must be stupid

I don't really get how this new age of meme started. I can only guess that it's a natural evolution from those surreal memes that dominated the internet back in the late 2010's. I also reckon that those stupid modern social media websites have withered away people's sense of humour to a low point. As a matter of fact, lots of people often do admit that those sites have ruined their sense of humour, yet people still use them anyway.

While on the topic of terrible memes, let's talk about Reddit. Reddit memes are godawful, at least in the larger communities, the smaller ones tend to be alright. r/memes, r/dankmemes, r/okbuddyretard are so unfunny to me. This was one of the top posts on r/okbuddyretard today. I know r/okbuddyretard has been on the decline for years, but now it seems to have hit rock bottom.

Go ahead and call me an old geezer who spends his time yelling at clouds, or spam my email with unfunny "ok boomer" messages (the more people call me old, the more powerful I get by the way :p). That doesn't hide the fact that modern memes are stupid.


Last Updated: March 26, 2024
Page Created: March 6, 2024