June 10, 2024
Sometimes, when I'm watching a documentary, reading a book, etc, when there's a huge time skip in the Earth/Universe/Whatever's history, I hear/read something along the lines of "long after human civilization is gone". HAHAHA, YOU WISH.

The idea that humans will be gone in the future is stupid to me. Cry doomsday all you want, humans are great at surviving the harshest conditions. We are simply too intelligent, populous, and stubborn to ever go extinct. You'd sooner see grass so extinct before humans do. And as for people who say "humans will never survive the sun exploding" or "humans will never survive the heat death of the universe", believe me, we will. People already have a deep-rooted instinct to survive, do you really think something like the sun exploding is going to stop people from trying? Not to mention that these scenarios will occur billions of years into the future, no doubt humans will have insane and advanced technology by then.

If cavemen could survive with sticks and stones, so can we.

May 23, 2024
I've seen some videos on YouTube recently claiming that merely connecting Windows XP to the internet will infect your computer with viruses. They always have exaggerated titles such as "NEVER connect Windows XP to the internet". These videos aren't being truthful, because in most of them the uploader is exposing XP to the internet without any sort of firewalls. The same thing would happen if you used a Windows 11 PC, this is not an XP specific issue.

The Sonic page on my site is giving me more pain than I thought possible. The truth is I never really knew what theme to give that page. For months I was unhappy with it, since it had an ugly background with just 2 links, but I left it as it was because I had no idea what to do with it. Recently I've been focusing on that page, fixing it up and giving it a new look. For days, and I mean literal days, I sat at my desk just pondering what the page should look like. I was thinking about giving it a blue marble theme, but ultimately I decided to give it a Sonic Adventure 2 theme. Right now, I'm pretty happy with it, especially the scrolling background, but the only issue I have with the page is that it kind of looks wonky at resolutions higher than 1024x768.

April 23, 2024
Today I learned that Chris Chan claims to have "transdimensional contact" with Randy Stair. ROFL

I've been having back problems for the past 2 days, which sucks :(

April 17, 2024
Speaking of wearing PJs in public... STOP WEARING CROCS TOO!!!! Those things are UGLY!!!!!

April 11, 2024
Five Nights at Freddy's should've ended at 3. That game was the perfect way to end the series. Purple Guy burns to death, the spirits of the 5 children get their revenge and move on, and the entire Freddy Fazbear thing ends. I don't care if Springtrap's jumpscare wasn't "scary enough".

April 1, 2024
Recently, I've been looking to change the UI and app icons on my phone, mostly because I like how the old Android UI and app icons look (death to minimalism!). I thought that since it was an Android, it would be as easy as just swapping around some files. Wrong! Apparently you can't just swap around some app icons. You need a 3rd party application to even begin doing that. *facepalm* how annoying! At least it ain't Apple though, screw those guys :P

March 28, 2024
I've spend a ridiculous amount of time trying to download some old Skylanders APKs. Guess what? They don't work, because they only run on an old version of Android! Ugh! I'll just bust out an old phone I have and play it there.

March 22, 2024
I HATE HEADACHES!!!!!!!!! HEADACHES ARE THE WORST. For me, they seem to last FOREVER, and you can get a bloody headache for anything! Bored? Didn't eat enough? Didn't drink enough? Slept too much or too little? Doing anything? That's right, YOU'RE GONNA GET A HEADACHE! Mine are super bad, I always feel like I'm out-of-commission when I'm having one. Pills don't help, I either have to go to sleep after taking them or take a shower (because that works for me somehow). I'm starting to feel one creeping up on me right now and I hate it, hopefully it doesn't get worse later (I'll update you on if the headache got worse).

(UPDATE March 26, 2024: It didn't get worse :D)

March 7, 2024
Stop running around in your PJs in public. "Don't worry over what other people wear" "I don't care what you say" are not excuses, you just look lazy.

February 29, 2024
Happy Leap Day!

February 21, 2024
The Skylanders soundtrack is soooo goood! I've had it on repeat everyday for the past few days. It's waaaaaay better than Taylor Swift or Miley Cyrus!

February 12, 2024:
Taylor Swift Sucks!
Seriously, she's not a good singer in my opinion! I don't see why she's so popular, I feel like so many other artists deserve the fame she got. I also hate that I see her everywhere! It seems like I can't go anywhere without seeing her face. The news? There she is! Out in public? Someone has her merchandise. Fuck off woman! She isn't even that pretty or beautiful! I've seen lots of people parade her around as some pretty jewel, but to me, she looks fucking soulless! Her eyes don't look real! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE YOU FREAKING GOVERNMENT PSYOP!!!

February 9, 2024:
Oh HTML, how I love and hate thee...
Sometimes, you bring me the ability to create whatever I feel like. Sometimes, you are as stubborn as a mule. Sometimes, you work like a charm. Sometimes, you work like a bitch. Honestly, sometimes it feels like these pages are held together by duct tape and glue, but I would't have it any other way.

Feb 4, 2024:
The reason I made the Spyro's Adventure glitches page a few hours ago was because of a real experience I had on this exact day. One day ago, I completed my Spyro's Adventure collection with Bash (Legendary Bash, to be exact, you think I'm some sort of plebeian that can only get the regular version? I demand luxury!). Since his Heroic Challenge was now available, I could finally beat the "Complete all 32 Heroic Challenges with 1 Skylander" accolade. When I finally beat all of them, I got nothing besides a new voice line from Cali. At first I was confused, but then I read online that it could be fixed if I just claimed ownership of my Skylander. When I did that, the accolade did show up, but the final one (General Admiral I think?) didn't. After that, I learned that that specific accolade was busted on PS3. Good job Xpec and Activision!


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