Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure Glitches

Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure has a few glitches in it that really irk me. While it's a fun game, it feels like sometimes certain aspects of the game weren't thoroughly playtested, or might have even been overlooked intentionally. I found it necessary to document some of the glitches here, since I can't really find that much information on some of them.

Note that this list is based off of the PS3 version of Spyro's Adventure, since that's the version I play. While there's some differences between the console versions, generally these glitches and solutions should work for all versions.

Lightning Rod's Unbeatable Heroic Challenge

This was one of the first major glitches I came across while playing Spyro's Adventure. Lightning Rod's Heroic Challenge, for whatever reason, is broken!

This tiki mask is missing for a lot of people

For whatever reason, somewhere in the game, something you do or collect messes with the object in Lightning Rod's Heroic Challange, causing it to disappear, and making the stage unbeatable. To fix this, simply create another brand new save file, save Cali, and do the Heroic Challenge in that save (you might have to claim ownership of Lightning Rod in that save first to make the Heroic Challenge appear!).

Elite Agent Accolade Glitch

Speaking of Heroic Challenges, the Elite Agent accolade may not work for you sometimes. This is probably due to the Skylander you chose to beat all 32 Heroic Challenges with not being owned by you. In the game's eyes, since you don't have ownership of the Skylander, you won't get the accolade. To fix this, just take ownership of the Skylander you beat all 32 challenges with.

Missing Hats

When you check the Hats menu, you might see that some of the options are blacked out, even if you got 3 stars on every level. This is because Spyro's Adventure has "exclusive console hats". Specific hats that are only available on one console. This is the list of those hats:

While these hats can be worn on other versions, you can't keep them. Basically, if one of your Skylanders is wearing one of these exclusive hats (let's say, the Straw Hat on PS3) and you play with them on Xbox 360, the hat will appear on your Skylander, but you can't keep it in your inventory on 360, even if you claim ownership of the Skylander.

General Admiral Accolade Glitch

The General Admiral accolade is busted on the PS3/Xbox 360 versions from what I've seen. It might be due to the "exclusive hats", I talked about earlier. The missing hats might be interfering with the last accolade. I've tried claiming ownership of Skylanders while wearing the exclusive hats to see if the accolade will appear for me, and it didn't. Xpec really fumbled the Spyro's Adventures ports if this can happen!


Last Updated: February 6, 2024
Page Created: February 4, 2024