Uh oh! Our service has deduced, for one reason or another, that your computer is not ready for the new millennium!

But why!?
There are a two main reasons as for why your computer may not be Y2K compliant

  • Your computer is old/outdated: Most computers made before 1997 are not Y2K compliant, and 40% of computers made in 1997 aren't compliant either.
  • You own Y2K non-compliant software: Some programs on your computer may not be Y2K ready.

To fix these issues, consider the following:

  • If your computer is the problem, consider going to your local computer repair shop to get it upgraded.
  • Purchase a new computer.
  • Update your software to a Y2K ready version, ask your software vendor for details.
  • Buy new software that is Y2K compliant, especially if the vendor you bought your software from no longer exists.

If you own a business, highly consider making a physical paper trail for your company. Print out any receipts, customer records, transaction histories, etc that are of importance to you.