Skylanders: Imaginators SUCKS!

Skylanders: Imaginators is probably one of, if not the worst game in the whole Skylanders series. I'm not alone, many other Skylanders fans either hate it or consider it the poorest quality among the games. In hindsight, it seems like it was a big advertisement for Skylanders: Academy considering the character roster and how much like a TV series the story felt like. Imaginators deserves no sympathy for plunging the series to new lows. Now, let's list every sin that Imaginators committed!

Removal of Hats

Imaginators removed hats from the game, a series staple since Spyro's Adventure. I don't see the reason to remove them, they were good additions to the game!

Removal of Nicknames

WHY!?!?!? Nicknames were fun! And they were also a series staple since Spyro's Adventure! They went a long way in making your Skylanders really feel like they were yours. I know that it was technically Superchargers that started this, but Imagintors could've brought that feature back, yet it didn't!

Missing NPCs

Imaginators removed/shoved many classic NPCs to the side in favour of the Skylander NPCs. While I won't deny that's it pretty cool to see Spyro, Jet-Vac, Stealth Elf, etc become actual characters in the game with real personalities instead of blank slates, this meant that many of the old NPCs like Cali and Hugo didn't make appearances at all or only showed up briefly. Flynn's time on screen was limited, Eon barely appeared in the game, I don't even remember if Persephone talks at all, Cali and Tessa only appear for 1 level, and I don't even know where Hugo and Sharkfin are!

Nerfed Characters

Every Skylander from the previous 5 games was nerfed for no good reason. At some points they're even unplayable!

No Original Soundtrack

Every Skylanders game before Imaginators had a godly soundtrack. Some of my favourites are Sky Schooner Docks, Exploring the Ruins, Wilikin Village, and The Superchargers. Imaginators, however, doesn't have an original soundtrack at all! It's actually mostly just royalty free music Activision or Toys For Bob bought the rights to use. I'm pretty sure one of, if not the only actual original song in the whole game was the super cringey SkylanderBoy&Girl rap at the end! x~x

Reused Portals

Imaginators had terrible portals. In the US, the portals were a copy of the Swap Force portals, which honestly isn't too bad. What is bad is the portal used in international versions, which is just a Superchargers portal with a little piece of plastic on top of the trap slot (which, by the way, can be removed with enough force).

Unable to Reset Imaginators

Once you set a class for your Imaginator, you're completely locked into that class! (Unless you glitch the crystal ;))


Last Updated: February 26, 2024
Page Created: February 5, 2024