For the people who don't know, Skylanders is (was) a toys-to-life game where you'd buy Skylander toys in real life and play with them virtually in the game

I really like Skylanders. My interest in the series began around 2013-14, and my first game was Trap Team. Since then I've gone on to play all the mainline console games. As of writing (Feb 5, 2024) the series is dead in the water. No new console games have been released since 2016, the show ended in 2018, and the weird mobile game Ring of Heroes went down a few years ago, 2020-ish. It's been 13 years since Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure originally came out, and 10 years since my first game, Trap Team. Oh how time flies!

My own personal ranking for the games are, from least to most favourite:

Quick Note: Just because Swap Force is at the bottom doesn't mean I hate it, everything Swap Force and above I absolutely enjoy! It's like having to pick out your favourite food among other favourite foods. Imaginators though, does deserve its spot in the bottom.

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