Some Skylanders Headcanons

Ever since Imaginators, I believe that instead of being banished to Earth, the Skylanders are simply scattered across Skylands and have to find their way back home. In Spyro's Adventure, the Skylanders that were included in the level expansion packs were blown into that level after the destruction of the Core of Light and decided to help wih whatever problem was there at the time.

...or if the Skylanders really were banished to Earth, once they're sent back to Skylands, their souls stay in Skylands.

Core Skylanders from games other than Spyro's Adventure either willingly chose to go to Earth, or were Skylanders before Spyro's Adventure and only began to be discovered on Earth after.

The Core of Light was destroyed and rebuilt multiple times before, and upgraded over time as well. The Primordial Goo, made with the fossils of extinct Explodisaurs, was added later to better accomodate the Tech Source, the Crucible of the Ages was created to better control the Fire Source, and the Skull Mask of the Undead King Mortalannis was either originally part of the Core and Mortalannis took it, or it was added later to better control the Undead Source. During the time of the Arkeyans, the Core of Light was destroyed, which helped the Arkeyans grow their empire and explains why they have a vault for the Eternal Magic Source. After the Arkeyans fell, the Core of Light was rebuilt.

The Eternal Sources can't be destroyed, only the parts of the Core that aren't Elemental Sources can be destroyed, but even those can be replaced. The reason the Core wasn't rebuilt during Superchargers was due to the Darkness' power growing too fast for the Core to be completed in time.

Mabu have different breeds. Flynn and Cali, for example, look different from other Mabu and each other despite both being Mabu. Mabu breeds are like cat or dog breeds, they look different on the outside, but are the same species inside.

Some of the villains captured during Trap Team were rehabilitated, with some turning down the opportunity to become Skylanders to persue a normal life. For example, Brocolli Guy and Chill Bill became good friends and became a famous duo, and Chef Pepperjack became a renowned chef. Some of them though, were too stubborn, like Dreamcatcher, who stays in Cloudcracker Prison to this day.

The supermassive black hole in the centre of the Milky Way is actually a gateway to Skylands

Story Scrolls note that ancient legends claim that Portal Masters can send Skylanders through time. Sending your Skylander to a level you already beat is an example of this.

Spyro, Trigger Happy, and Gill Grunt are best friends

The Ancients visited Earth in the past, Humans saw them and worshipped them as gods.

Christmas was brought to Skylands from Earth.

Tessa wants to be a Skylander, Quigley grows up to be a Skylander.

Mesmerelda was evilized by Kaos' Mum, nobody knew and the Skylanders managed to de-evilize her.

While modern technology is shown to be available in Skylands, most of the population seems to live in a pre-industrial or early-industrial state. This is because building modern infrastructure is impractical and even impossible in many parts of Skylands, so modern technology is mostly only built in highly urbanized areas.

Cities exist in Skylands, maybe even modern looking ones, we just happen to never go to those places.

The Ruins are about the size that we see them in the first cutscene (which is a lot larger if you look carefully), it's just scaled down in-game

Skylanders who existed in the far past (like Chop Chop, Drill Seargant, Prism Break, the Giants) or who are from different worlds (Dino-Rang, Star Strike) are invaluable for scientific study in Skylands, and are frequently interviewed for details of the past/details from other worlds.

Skylanders themselves are celebrities in Skylands. Most residents recognise a Skylander when they see one, and some of the more famous ones are even known by name.

The Arkeyan Empire was also known as "Arkeya"

After the fall of the Arkeyan Empire, certain cities and areas of Arkeya lived on. Today, Arkeyan culture still exists in Skylands, but much of it has changed over the years, like the change from the Roman Empire to Italy.

There's a superstition and even a prejudice against Undead beings in Skylands. Even Undead Skylanders are sometimes looked at with suspicion.

In Giants, Ermit says Kaos lives "in the Eastern Western part of Skylands". Eastern Western part of Skylands either means the bad part of Skylands, or in the middle of nowhere. I prefer the latter.

The story of the Robot Ghost in Giants is similar to Chop Chop's. They were an Arkeyan experiment, a fusion of Undead, Tech, and Magic. The experiment either went nowhere or the Arkeyan Empire fell right before more work could be done on it. They were painted blue specifically to distinguish them from regular Arkeyan Conquertrons. Being an Undead ghost, they remained functional long after the regular Arkeyan robots fell.

The Skylanders speak their own native languages. Since Skylands is so big and varied, different races, species, etc have their own languages. This explains why the Skylanders speak "gibberish" in Spyro's Adventure. It's not actually gibberish, it's their own native languages. English is just the one they use to communicate with everyone, like in the real world.

English is the language of the Arkeyans. Unused idle lines for the Skylanders have them speaking in both "gibberish" (their native language) and in English. Chop Chop and Drill Seargent, the 2 Arkeyan Skylanders, don't have any gibberish lines and only speak in English. I believe English is the native language of the Arkeyans, and it was forced upon everyone they enslaved. After the time of the Arkeyans, English stuck around, like Latin stuck around after Rome fell.

Trap Shadow would've been in the Dark element, had the Dark element existed when Swap Force came out.

Eye Scream should be in the Undead element, but was most likely put in the Dark element to inflate its numbers.


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