Social Media Is Dumb

If you haven't figured it out yet, I dislike most social media a little (a lot). My main problem with it stems from just how brainrotting it truly is. Websites like Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, Twatter, FaceBook, etc suck, I hate them and most of the pricks on them. I prefer old-school internet forums, and the only social media I truly use is YouTube (mostly on account of how dominant it is, but even then I've slowly been making the move over to BitView). Reddit is... okay. I think it went public on the stock market recently and I think that's a pretty dumb decision. I used to use Twitter, but then I got super sick of it.

I strongly dislike how so much of the content available on social media is pure garbage. I feel like most of the posts on those websites are either just bikini pictures/shirtless photos from attention-hungry "influencers", complete misinformation meant to fool and scare gullible morons, or just stupid "memes" (speaking of...). I especially hate "influencers". Most of the famous figures like Charli D'moron got famous just because they shook their ass in front of a camera and got lucky. Just because of that, just because they can shake their ass in front of millions, they get sponsorships with huge companies and get to go on TV to talk about themselves -_-. On a similar note, I hate that social media gives stupid celebrities like Cardi B, Nicki Manaj, Kanye West, and the other degenerates a larger platform to spew their garbage on. I already hate Cardi B and her awful "music", I don't want her to become more famous! Influencers are a leech on this society, and need to be cut off pronto!

I'm seriously convinced that social media makes people stupid. Have you ever looked at someone who was engrossed on their phone, looking at some stupid shit on Instagram? They look like zombies, just mindlessly scrolling through posts that they'll forget about tomorrow. The worst ones are the cunts who walk on busy streets with their heads down, getting in the way of traffic. You know, there are actual studies out there that extensively cover social media's negative affects on your brain. Prolonged social media use can negatively affect your body image, mental health, attention span, and feelings of loneliness, among other things (then again, most of the people who use social media a lot will probably be unable to get past the first sentence of any study before having to check their phones again XD ). Get it through your heads people! None of those posts by your favourite jackass influencer are good for your brain, the only thing you're doing by looking at Nicki Manaj's new bikini photo shoot is filling your brain with garbage.

Social media sites are a huge privacy violation. They track your browsing habits, search history, etc. to serve you personalised ads. Saying "personalised ads" is just a friendly way of saying "We sold your data to advertisers SUCKER!" What gets me is that nowadays, people don't even seem to care that Zuckerborg and Co. are sharing their personal info with shady actors. After all, why care when you just absolutely have to see Charlie D'moron's latest bikini ass photo shoot in Dubai!!!!! YASSSSSS GIRLBOSS QUEEN SLAYYYYYYY!!!! (I felt physically sick after writing that, by the way)

I hate how many kids are being raised on social media. Now look, I'm usually not one to pull the "won't anyone think of the children!?" card, but I think giving kids unrestricted access to Cardi B's ass pictures isn't good for anybody, unless you want to raise a generation of porn-addicted losers. If you're a parent reading this, please don't let your young children get on social media! It'll just ruin their mental development!

Social media is nothing but brain-candy. It might taste good, it might make you happy, but you'll be getting nothing good from consuming it.

Regain all hope, thy who exit here

Last Updated: March 28, 2024
Page Created: March 27, 2024