Skylanders: Giants is my favourite Skylanders game. I think it did everything a Skylanders sequel should do right. In Giants, none of your old characters are obsolete. You can play the entire game without ever even using a Giant or one of the new characters. They are on-par with the new characters. I also want to point out that the elemental gates don't have any gimmicks to them that encourage you to go buy more toys, your old characters can open them just fine. The soundtrack in this game is godly, which goes without saying, Lorne Balfe really did go all out with it (Aerial Attack is my favourite). The heroic challenges are still in this game, which I love since doing them can make your figures super OP, I really disliked how the games after this one removed them.
The thing I like most about Superchargers is the story. It's probably the best one in the whole series. I like how the stakes are much higher in this game compared to every other one, and how all the NPCs were given more in-depth characterization. Take Kaos for example, in the past games he was just a really cartoonishly evil character, but in Superchargers, he actually faces internal struggles, specifically between his loyalty to the Darkness and his hatred of obeying the orders of others. I like how even the Skylanders are given some personality, specifically when the Superchargers talk to Buzz. Hearing the Skylanders actually talk in-game with NPCs blew my mind back in 2015, and it still amuses me today! So much interesting stuff happens in this game. It's also the cheapest game, since all you need to 100% it is 3 vehicles and a Supercharger.
Spyro's Adventure has a charm to it that I just love. One of the things I've noticed while playing this game is how much it leaned into the elemental aspect of the series. All the levels were themed after an element. Skylanders of specific elements and with specific attributes could interact with the environment in different ways, Earth Skylanders could break rock, Water Skylanders could swim, and flying Skylanders could swim over water. Even the NPCs were related to the elements, Flynn was Air, General Robot was Tech, the Molekin were Fire/Earth, T-Bone was Undead, Gurglefin was Water, Arbo was Life, and Hugo (maybe Persephone) was Magic. The Ruins changing as the Core of Light was built up was a nice touch. To top it off, my favourite Skylander, Drobot, is from this game.
It was really hard deciding whether I liked Trap Team or Swap Force better. I chose Trap Team since at least the levels in this game don't take 20 years to finish, unlike in Swap Force. The thing I dislike most about it is how the elemental gates were changed to only open for Trap Masters. That decision made your previous Skylander collection completely useless. Removing PVP was a stupid decision on Toys For Bob's end. The best part about this game is probably the Doom Raiders, they are really fun to watch.
Swap Force is fun, don't get me wrong. The thing that irks me the most is just how long the levels are. They take forever to get through. The swapping gimmick is the best in the whole series.
THE WORST! I absolutely hate this game! I already covered it on another page on this site (go check it out), but essentially, almost everything that made the previous games good was completely removed in this one. Hats and nicknames were GONE, NPCs from previous game had little to no screen time, the OST is not original but just a bunch of licensed songs Activision bought the rights for, and most importantly, any Skylanders before this game was made completely and utterly worthless, even more so than in Trap Team.

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Last Updated: April 15, 2024
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